Over 30 languages

Our main focus is on these languages

English - Italian - French - German - Spanish - Portuguese - Dutch - Flemish - Greek - Russian


All EU languages recognised by the European Union


All Eastern European languages like

Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Albanian


Most non-European languages



Chinese (traditional and simplified)


and many other upon request.


Translations, revisions, proofreading, official certified translations, transcriptions

Types of documents

                           & content

  • Press releases and articles
  • Printed product presentations
  • Newsletters & House circulars
  • Strategic marketing
  • Technical manuals
  • Financial reports
  • Legal documentation
  • HR manuals and analysis
  • Interviews & speeches
  • Briefs
  • Ghost & creative writing
  • Advertising and copywriting
  • Audiovisuals

Written translations
carried out exclusively by  mother tongue professional translators working in their
area of specialisation, proofread and checked by a second linguist


Editing, revision and proofreading

of documents already translated  by the client but needing a polish
or a complete  review  or update


Financial editing and writing  We provide a comprehensive consultancy  by experienced financiers covering theentire range of  financial documents tailored to achieve the client's objectives  


Sworn and/or certified translations
for official use, with the ATC seal, the certification statement and a unique reference number


transcription of voice overs, corporate videos, advertising campaigns, speeches, conference
papers and presentations



translations and creation of subtitles for advertising video and theatrical productions, in multiple languages, carried out by dedicated expert professionals

DTP in all languages
Creation of multilingual brochures, catalogues,  leaflets, labels

Our clients are global leaders in their industries:
  • Fashion, haute couture, textiles, accessories

  • Leatherwear and shoewear

  • Jewellery, watches, eyewear

  • Fragrances and cosmetics

  • Luxury spas and resorts

  • Retail and consumer goods

  • ‚ÄčInterior design & achitecture

  • Building & real estate

  • Travel & leisure

  • Medicine, medical reports, speeches and posters for medical conferences

  • Law firms, financial istitutions and banking

  • PR & strategic communication

  • Advertising & copywriting

  • Art exhibitions and catalogues

  • Trade & consumer publishing

  • Transport and logistics

  • Energy generation, waste management

  • Lifestyle products

  • Private individuals

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