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Private Clients

Private clients are dealt with friendliness and a personalised service

Certified translations

We translate texts relating to all the areas of main concern for private individuals such as:


  • Medical Records & Informed Consent

  • Marriage Certificates

  • University Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates

  • Applications to Universities Abroad

  • Continued education

  • Curriculum Vitae and Resume

  • Work References

  • Criminal Records / SIA Applications

  • Identity Card, Passport, Driving License

  • Private Correspondence

  • any other personal document

  • Employment Contracts

  • Real Estate Contracts

  • Technical instructions of appliances etc.




Certified translations with ATC seal

We can certify our translations, for instance, when you need to apply for a job in the UK because our certified translations are accepted by professional bodies and official institutions. You acquire a translation that can be used repeatedly and does not expire!
Certified translations are printed on our headed paper, with our unique  ATC seal and they are ready for official use.


International recipients

This is the key word for those companies wishing to enter a foreign market communicatingin the right language and tone.



We handle highly sensitive data and documents that we protect from intrusion and misuse.  We also require our translators to accept non disclosure agreements (NDAs) as we implement special procedures to better safeguard our clients from accidental distribution of confidential information.


Expertise and consistency

As your professional language service provider (LSP) we wish to build a strong and durable relationship based on our knowledge of your business sector and on the creation of translation memories and the development of a terminology database specific for your texts which we constantly update and polish to ensure consistent output.


Get good value for money

Small budget?

Suitable types of  content

Below some examples of contents that lend themselves to the Class "Translator's output"
  • Press releases and articles
  • Product presentations
  • Newsletters & House organs
  • Marketing researches
  • Excerpts from technical manuals
  • Interviews & speeches
  • Understanding of advertising copy

We understand that sometimes our corporate clients need a translation into their language, for generic purposes or initial information only. We have therefore created a special Class of translation called "the translator's output".

In short:

  • the assignment is handled according to our standard workflow

  • within the framework of our QA Procedures,

  • having chosen the most suitable and competent linguist

  • who will be instructed by our TPM (Translation Project Manager)

  • and will deliver a professional translation in line withi the client's requirements.


Only that linguist will be responsible for reviewing and spellchecking his/her translation, and we will not  involve a further linguist for carrying out any further proofreading, editing and reviewing.


So you might argue why contact Smart Planning UK?

Because you want the additional guarantee that the linguist is qualified to do the job, is vetted and accredited by us. We will ensure that the deadline and other requirements will be met, such as a confidentaility agreement.   
Having skipped the reviewing steps in the workflow process, the final price will be sensibly reduced thus achieving a one-stop solution to the language needs of our private clients.

This service is not advisable for some legal and financial texts.
Special discounted rates are agreed ad hoc.
Our terms and conditions apply.

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